Innovative and Personalized Solutions

What words come to mind when you reflect on your most recent customer service experience? It could be the last time you called your cell phone provider, cable company, electricity company, a retail help desk. Regardless of the type of service, your experience was likely described with words like rigid, inflexible, confusing, frustrating, costly and indifferent. Our goal at TSP is to create a completely different, entirely positive service experience. We want our customers to use words like caring, knowledgeable, flexible, cost-effective, trusted, thorough and convenient to describe their experience with TSP.

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One size usually does not fit all, so why apply that type of old thinking to customer relationships? Each customer is unique, so we tailor solutions to fit their distinctive needs. We credit our success to date directly to being a service partner that takes the time to understand what customers really need, and then uses a flexible mindset to deliver a custom product.

Our clients trust us, because our people consistently deliver the highest level of service with the utmost integrity. We are an IT services company offering a wide range of top quality and award-winning solutions including Maintenance, Managed, Project, and Consulting Services. Our value-add is our exceptional customer service. At TSP we don’t manufacture a product or write software code. Our people and innovative solutions are truly our product. We keep our solutions simple, but effective. By being laser-focused on our clients’ needs, we are uniquely positioned to create a variety of personalized business solutions.

While most service companies have a narrow scope of service that won’t apply to every client, TSP goes above and beyond to ensure clients never forget why they chose us in the first place.