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We SIMPLIFY the IT service experience. Working with end-users, OEMs, VARs and distributors, we deliver custom IT maintenance and professional services. Focus on your core competency, not managing your IT infrastructure.


The TSP Difference

A simplified and streamlined approach managed by us

Whether you’re an OEM looking for a service delivery partner or an organization needing the support of equipment inside or outside of a data center, TSP maintenance services help identify, control and reduce operating expenses, improve system availability and increase end-user productivity and satisfaction.

Utilizing TSP’s network, server and storage maintenance services, you no longer need to manage separate service contracts with multiple different vendors. Our goal is to provide services that are flexible enough to support each customer’s unique environment and to fit each customer’s organizational needs.

Utmost Integrity

At the beginning of each day, we set out to continually exceed our customers’ expectations. We are a trusted service partner because our people consistently deliver the highest level of service with the utmost integrity. We deliver:



Who you select as your OEM is your choice, we ensure it runs optimally

Hitachi Vantara


We’re Up To The Task

We regularly hear from customers that, “…you know our business better than I do.” When you’re a TSP customer, you’re part of the family, and families help each other be better.

You have plenty of items that demand your attention — focus on growing your business, not managing your IT infrastructure.

10KService tickets per month

Field Service Delivery

Utilize our geographic reach to achieve best-in-class support while keeping pricing competitive

We are a contracted delivery partner for some of the technology industry’s largest and most well-known OEMs, VARs and distributors. We have grown side-by-side with these technology giants and are ready and willing to invest in the necessary resources to continue to grow.

TSP can provide coverage to any major US city and regional locations that are high installation density areas. We determine the coverage based on the equipment inventory and frequency of engagement required.

The key to the success of our coverage model has been allocating resources based on demand (not just installation base) and direct involvement in scheduling service dispatches. This allows TSP to efficiently utilize our resources to provide best-in-class customer support while keeping pricing competitive.

Custom and Cloud-based Ticketing System

The entire maintenance service experience is centralized in TSP’s cloud-based and custom-designed ticketing system, CSC. Information, tracking and metrics are leveraged and shared with ease.

We practice full transparency which allows you to follow the service process and watch each step from the minute a ticket is opened until the time a ticket is closed. Open API architecture allows TSP’s system to fully integrate with your system to make the entire process customized, streamlined and simplified.

Third-Party Maintenance

Minimize cost and downtime to your network, server and storage infrastructure

When making choices about where to allocate budgets, IT maintenance often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Equipment that’s already paid for needs to be handled with care. Failure to do so may lead to costly service interruptions resulting in downtime or even the need for total replacement.

As technology products mature, third-party service plans can become more appealing and offer the customer significant cost savings. Our SLA/SLO solutions are designed to maintain a healthy and dependable environment.

TSP maintenance service professionals are highly skilled and expertly trained to provide unparalleled service that minimizes downtime to their server, network and storage infrastructure.

Installation Outsourcing

Ensure your IT investments are installed properly with end-to-end planning and delivery

Misconfigurations and improper installations result in wasted time and resources. Don’t trust this important piece of the puzzle to just anyone. Get your systems up and running faster by allowing our certified engineers to install, confirm and handover an optimized system.

For all your installation and configuration needs, we provide end-to-end planning and delivery. Using best practices and proven internal processes, customized to your exact specifications, we ensure your IT investments are installed and configured properly.

From implementation and integration to day-to-day administration and management support, TSP’s installation outsourcing services help optimize your environment by reducing risk, lowering cost and speeding time-to-business value.


Moving your business forward

Break/fix maintenance, installations and configurations, and professional services are all integral components of server, network and storage infrastructure support. Having the right partner in your corner enables you to focus on moving your business forward.

Increasing technology challenges like data migrations, virtualization and data center consolidation requires a strong, yet nimble IT infrastructure maintenance plan. Our services are designed to maintain a healthy and dependable environment for you and your customers.


Don't Take Our Word For It

“We had a deal on the table and we needed this upgrade to be flawless. That is exactly what we got — flawless execution and very professional.”

“Resulting from your combined efforts, performance has improved by 10X when comparing the previous solution. The performance improvements are definitely impressive.”

“I just wanted to say that I am always impressed by the quality of your service. You guys are our most valuable vendor.”

“Tonight’s execution progressed flawlessly and all testing yielded what was expected to see. Thank you for the preparation, attention to detail and execution.”

Professional Services

Obtain support, speed-up modernization and improve the lifetime value of your IT investment

Keep your business and IT investments running smoothly with TSP professional services. Rely on our experts to provide you the necessary recommendations and support to ensure your systems and end-users function at optimal levels.

TSP’s suite of professional services — data migrations, integrations, and upgrades — enables customers to scale IT teams and resources efficiently and effectively. Dedicated or onsite TSP engineers consult, deploy, migrate, upgrade and augment IT services for critical infrastructure servers.

Speed up modernization, get advice and know-how, and improve the lifetime value of your IT investments.

Platform-certified Professionals

Today, many IT managers and business owners report not having adequate resources to proactively monitor, observe and identify issues before they become big problems. Once a problem surfaces, costly service interruptions can result in significant downtime which not only affects you but also your customers.

Any service provider can sell a support and services contract for the critical elements of your IT infrastructure. When you invest in TSP’s maintenance services, you’re not just buying a service package, you’re getting a team of tenured and platform-certified IT professionals.

IT Support

Keep your end-user environment secure, up-to-date and running efficiently and effectively

Your people don’t need to spend time on routine maintenance, system upgrades, desktop/laptop and server configurations. Keep your end-user environment secure, up-to-date and running efficiently and effectively with TSP’s comprehensive IT support.

At the very beginning, we make sure the deployment process is consistent, hassle-free and an entirely positive service experience for your end-users. Then, we take the hassle out of the daily maintenance and management by leaving the troubleshooting and resolutions to the experts.

From laptops to servers and networks to printers, you only need one partner to ensure your entire IT environment maintains the highest levels of maintenance, monitoring and support.

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