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We AMPLIFY your existing team and creatively solve your staffing issues. We’re pioneers in dynamic workforce solutions and specialized recruiting needs. Leave the hassle and stress of employee administration to the experts.


The TSP Difference

Finding great people is a difficult task, but it’s what we do best

We form trusted partnerships with our customers and provide excellent career opportunities for our employees, guaranteeing satisfaction for both. We’re innovators in resource solutions and specialized staffing needs, matching talented candidates with quality companies.

Utilizing TSP’s recruiting and staffing services, you can leave the hassle and stress of employee administration to us so that you can focus on your primary business goals. One size usually does not fit all, which is why we don’t apply that type of old thinking to our customer relationships. Our flexible model adapts to your specific recruiting and staffing needs.


Our sales and recruiting team make every effort to understand not only the position requirements but also your company culture so our people can seamlessly integrate into your teams. We deliver:



We hire and search for a wide variety of IT and engineering talent


Desktop Support
Field Service
System Administration
Service Desk
Project Management


We’re Up To The Task

We regularly hear from customers that, “…you know our business better than I do.” When you’re a TSP customer, you’re part of the family, and families help each other be better.

You have plenty of items that demand your attention — focus on growing your business, not managing your workforce.

40+Recognitions and Awards Won

Contract Recruiting

Scale your workforce up or down quickly and easily, all while staying within budget

A typical contract recruiting relationship would involve one recruitment professional contracted to your organization — a headhunter. With TSP’s contract recruiting solution, you don’t just get one recruiter contracted to your organization, you get an entire team of in-house, tenured and professional TSP recruiters focused on your success.

We almost exclusively hire all employees as full-time W2 resources to fill our customers’ recruiting and staffing needs. This focus on the employee experience provides a greater sense of security for the employee, ensures our turnover rate stays low and results in greater resource consistency for you.

If your budget is tight or your business is particularly volatile, contract recruiting provides you the ability to quickly and easily scale up or down, all while staying within budget.


Don't Take Our Word For It

“Jeff’s concern for the customer’s environment and following up with the account manager to ensure all failures are addressed is an outstanding example of high-quality customer support and satisfaction.”

“Because Ricardo did his due diligence and prepped for this ticket, he was able to prevent the customer from major downtime, which is a significant inconvenience in the banking world.”

“Arturo went in after both of the other partners attempted and failed. He did the drive replacement without incident!”

Manny provided exceptional customer service and has been proactive about solving problems before they arise — something the customer hasn’t experienced before Manny was in this role.”

Residency Programs

Achieve day-to-day operational support without the difficulty and frustration of payroll expense

Do your customers need day-to-day operational support from a resource that is not on your payroll? Do you provide short-term or long-term professional services to your customers? If so, you could benefit from a residency program crafted exclusively for you, staffed completely by us.

To create a custom and dynamic workforce solution, we can work directly with you or with a vendor management system to streamline the entire process. We provide talented residents that seamlessly integrate with you and your teams.

From recruitment to onboarding, as well as the ongoing HR support that is needed for the duration of the residency, we handle it all.


Quality Over Quantity

We take your feedback to heart, so we pledge to not overload you with low quality resumes, but rather we will work with you to find the highest quality candidates possible. We understand that an employee isn’t just a resume, so we make sure we get to know our candidates thoroughly, long before we ever present them to you.

Our product is our people, therefore we treat our candidates as talented individuals. In fact, we even renamed the traditional “HR” department that exists in most companies to our “Talent” department. The term “resources” simply implies something that will be used and that’s not how we view our people.

Managed Services

Improve operations, cut cost and minimize complications of managing technology in-house

Every business continually looks to improve operations and cut expenses. As the various necessary realms of business operation become more complicated, managing mainline functions such as technology in-house can become cumbersome and expensive.

“Managed services” has become such a diluted buzzword that it almost requires definition again. At TSP, managed services are simply providing the right resources when and where needed.

Managed services are also more than simply staffing. If your business is looking for a managed services partner, look for a partner who can do a comprehensive diagnosis of your company’s needs, forecast issues before they become problems, and address those issues without delay. Whether you’re looking to augment your current staff or outsource it, we’re ready to help.


Swift and Meticulous Improvement

One of the biggest struggles that most businesses face is overworked and thinly spread HR departments. Although it may seem as though your HR department is doing just fine, your business could likely benefit from outsourcing staffing and recruiting. Outsourcing allows the department to focus solely on internal duties, such as compliance, legal issues, payroll and more.

Outsourcing your staffing and recruiting doesn’t constitute a failure on the part of your business, rather that you have recognized a way for swift and meticulous improvement in hiring practices, which helps reduce employee turnover and saves your business money.

Project Services

Receive support for special projects, temporary resource needs and emergency situations

Short-term and long-term projects are integral to business. From vacation relief to temporary resource needs, and special projects to emergency support, TSP project services are the solution you’re looking for when you need resources.

We’re uniquely positioned and able to make investments in people to develop flexible solutions that help resolve your specific project needs and requirements. We can provide standard technology project solutions as well as highly customized options.

Our project services vary between fixed firm pricing and T&M. We provide our clients with estimates, levels of effort (LOE), work orders, and statements of work (SOW) to ensure we work within your budget requirements. Regardless of project size, we scope and deliver custom engagements that will exceed your expectations.


The Best and the Brightest

TSP values top technical expertise and only hires the best and brightest. Our employees are vetted professionals with talent, insight and innovation in their specific fields, but every TSP employee also knows how to communicate, solve problems and form great relationships with each customer.

Many of TSP’s new employees go through TSP Boot Camp. These workshops teach theory and technology, but also focus on core soft skills that make TSP’s culture and service particularly unique. This dedication to training helps our employees deliver a consistent, superior customer service experience.


Minimize risk by reviewing the job performance and work ethic of our people prior to hiring

Do you want to ‘try before you buy?’ Hiring a new resource is a major investment and let’s face it, no matter how good the resume is and how well the candidate interviews, there’s still a risk that the candidate might not be right for the position and your company culture. Contract-to-hire minimizes this risk with a test-run.

This workforce solution is also perfect for companies going through hiring freezes. Even though a freeze is in place, talent is still needed to operate. Companies can bring on resources with this model and then convert them to full-time employees once the freeze is over.

In this workforce staffing model, our customers are able to review the work ethic, job performance, and skill set of our people before offering a full-time position and the commitment.

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