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Print Management

We understand the print environment and the lifecycle of print devices. Our goal is to keep your printers up and running in an efficient manner. Our approach is simple. It is not to convince you to invest thousands of dollars in new hardware. Rather, it is to focus on your fleet, maximize its performance, and decrease your total cost of ownership.

Our Print Management solution merges print management software, proprietary IT ticket resolution, and best-in-class certified technicians to deliver the best print experience for your company. We serve your day-to-day print needs with a single point, customer-centric solution.

Service Highlights

Focus on your fleet, maximize performance, and decrease your total cost of ownership

We are truly OEM agnostic, not driven whatsoever by quotas or relationships with specific vendors. As a result, we are able to cater to customers’ exact needs, and often, work with existing machinery to save them money. TSP provides a more complete, unique and thorough service than any other on the market today.

  • OEM agnostic
  • Online ticket system with automated dispatch and escalations
  • Price per page
  • Assessment services
  • Guaranteed response times
  • SLA-based break/fix
  • Includes all parts and consumables
  • Increased flexibility
  • Dedicated or onsite technicians
  • Remote monitoring
  • Significant cost savings
  • TSP managed

You need an IT Expert

We're up to the task

We regularly hear from customers that, “…you know our business better than I do.” When you’re a TSP customer, you’re part of the family, and families help each other be better. You have plenty of items that demand your attention — focus on growing your business, not managing your IT infrastructure.

Print Management Cycle



Print Management and printer repair services

TSP provides print management and printer repair services with our primary goal being to keep your company’s uptime at the maximum level while delivering a robust print environment at an economical level of spend. TSP’s goal is to maximize your productivity. We immediately address your ‘events,’ order parts for expedited delivery, and implement a solution in the most expedient manner possible


Complete Turn-key Solution

TSP also offers White Glove Service that not only features service, support and toner, but even comes with a complete turn-key solution that includes all paper management. Our technicians will install the toner and the paper, as well as clean your printers on a regular basis for a complete full service managed print solution.


Customized Solution Package

TSP keeps it simple – Instead of going to customers with a rigid agenda and set service package, TSP hand-crafts solutions to fix those problems. Every company’s needs are different and TSP’s approach is to evaluate every requirement and create a customized solution package. Whatever clients need, TSP provides services to deliver the ultimate impact.


We put clients first and hire the best people

While most service companies have a narrow scope of service that won’t apply to every client, TSP goes above and beyond to ensure clients never forget why they chose us in the first place. Our clients trust us, because our people consistently deliver the highest level of service with the utmost integrity

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