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OEM & Third-Party Services

Organizations purchase hardware and software service agreements as a means of protecting their investment and preventing downtime. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often outsource their service delivery to trusted partners, and organizations of all sizes regularly look to third-party service organizations as a viable service offering.

Whether you’re an OEM looking for a service delivery partner or an organization needing the support of equipment inside or outside of a data center, TSP’s OEM & Third-Party Services help identify, control and reduce operating expense, improve system availability and increase end-user productivity and satisfaction.

Do you have the right partner solution?

Heavy portions of IT spending budgets are often dedicated to maintaining uptime.

  • Maintenance and support costs comprise around 70% of the average company’s IT budget
  • More than 75% of IT managers are driven to third-party maintenance by the inability of their OEM to respond rapidly to changing business needs
  • Companies typically save 50–60% when they switch from OEM hardware contracts to third-party maintenance contracts
  • The average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute

Service Highlights

OEM service plans are a great option for new technology. As technology products mature, third-party service plans can become more appealing and offer the customer significant cost savings.

  • Break/fix hardware support
  • SLA/SLO driven contracts
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Remediation support
  • Installations and configuration
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Projects and consulting
  • Data migrations
  • Flexible service windows
  • Residency management and staff augmentations

You need an IT expert

We're up to the task

We regularly hear from customers that, “…you know our business better than I do.” When you’re a TSP customer, you’re part of the family, and families help each other be better. You have plenty of items that demand your attention — focus on growing your business, not managing your IT infrastructure.

Reduce Cost, Improve Availability, Increase Productivity

Our people closely integrate with your team and act on your behalf to provide value-added services with a customer satisfaction level equal to or better than your own.

We deliver custom IT services using proven best practices to support your customers’ unique data center environment.

Our SLA/SLO solutions are designed to maintain a healthy and dependable environment for your customers.

We’re committed to a multi-vendor support model that allows us the flexibility to provide service on a variety of equipment, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

Third-party Support

Move Your Business Forward

Break/fix maintenance, installations and configurations, and professional services are all integral components of server, network and storage infrastructure support. Having the right partner in your corner whether you are an OEM or a customer looking for third-party support, TSP provides the services and know-how that enable you to focus on moving your business forward.


When making choices about where to allocate budgets, IT maintenance doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Equipment that’s already paid for needs to be handled with care. Failure to do so may lead to costly service interruptions resulting in downtime or even the need for total replacement. TSP Maintenance Service engineers are highly skilled and expertly trained to provide our customers with unparalleled service that minimizes downtime to their server, network and storage infrastructure.

  • Break/fix hardware support
  • Service level attainment/objective driven contracts
  • Cloud-based, custom-designed ticketing system
  • Warranty and non-warranty support


For all your installation and configuration needs, we provide end-to-end planning and delivery. Internal processes, using best practices, customized to your exact specifications ensure your IT investments are installed and configured properly. From implementation and integration to day-to-day administration and management support, TSP’s Installation Services help optimize your environment by reducing risk, lowering cost and speeding time-to-business value.

  • Rack and stack
  • Configuration
  • Cable management
  • Remediation support

Professional Services

The mountains of data that your company receives, generates and/or owns is a critical component to your business continuity. TSP’s suite of Professional Services enables customers to scale IT teams and resources efficiently and effectively. Dedicated or onsite TSP engineers consult, deploy, migrate, upgrade and augment IT services for critical infrastructure servers.

  • Integrations
  • Data migrations
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Residency management and staff augmentations


Experienced & Home-Grown Resources

In addition to hiring experienced and tenured IT professionals, TSP Boot Camp allows us to home-grow our own resources’ skillsets to enable long term success. The classes taught and the field-shadowing apprenticeships help engineers deliver consistent and superior customer service experiences.

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