Dallas, Texas - Added 2018-05-17
Maintenance Equipment – Foreman

Prepare to be empowered. At TSP, we want to take all the stuff you already have and make it even better. Why? Because our customers can only stay awesome if you’re awesome. Maintenance, Managed, Project, and Consulting services are the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on the wide range of personalized solutions we create for our clients, and we want YOU.

To be a rock star in this role, knock these responsibilities out of the park: 

  • Supervises the removal, repair and replacement or installation of motors, pumps, valves, harnesses, braces, gears, clutches, gaskets and assessor parts.
  • Timing motors to run smoothly to minimize wear
  • Sets maintenance schedules and performs routine maintenance.

Think you can handle it? You’ll also need to come equipped with experience like: 

  • Performs general maintenance mechanic duties, such as belt and filter replacements, routine lubrication of bearings, pump and valve rebuilding and general troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge and experience of pipefitting and proper piping installation techniques is a plus, as is the ability to perform alignment checks of rotating equipment and the ability to repair or replace more intricate pump components such as mechanical seals and bearings.
  • Basic pH probe verification is also a requirement.

We are so excited that you want to join TSP! We pledge to take care of you. Here are some cool reasons why you’ll love working with us: 

We really like you!
One part of our vision is to be a company that retains and nurtures its strong beliefs and culture as it grows by honoring our employees. <- That’s you!

We care about your well-being!
We provide benefits that keep you protected and in top shape like: medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401(k), paid time off (PTO), and an array of other perks that are pretty hard to find.

We are social and we win!
Check out TSP on social (@TSProckstars and #TSProckstars) and grow with us. We represent some huge clients including Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States and Canada. We have won several excellence awards because we do what we do and do it well.

We’d love to have you on the team. All you need to do now is apply.