Richardson, Texas - Added 2019-04-11 DIW (Deionized Water) Systems Tech

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To be a rock star as a Deionized Water Systems Technician, knock these responsibilities out of the park:

  • As a DIW System Technician, you’ll be responsible for the safe and reliable facilities operation, day to day system performance, quality, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and documentation on DIW Plant and support equipment located in the Central Utilities Plant. 
  • Respond quickly to system alarms and potentially critical situations, perform rapid and accurate situational assessments and troubleshoot DIW system components.
  • Drive maintenance efficiency by reviewing recommended maintenance procedures/job plans to ensure best practices are in place and documented properly. Manage CM’s, PM’s, Event Manager Tasks, and other work as required.
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical systems operations and able to learn system operations and SCADA.
  • Work with engineers and operations in updating and maintaining SOPs and documentation for their system.
  • Assist in the development, implementation and execution of programs targeted to improve quality, reliability and operational effectiveness of systems and services.
  • Ensure all work complies with TI ESH and applicable codes and standards, including but not limited to work permits, building permits, confined space permits, burn permits, etc.
  • Optimization of day-to-day system performance of their system.
  • Provide technical and call-in support for the 24 hour operations team.
  • Backup to other Facilities System Technicians.
  • Manage the system maintenance costs for their system and implement cost savings projects.
  • Acquire quotes and enter purchase requisitions for work on their system.
  • Perform daily inspections of operational areas that may include hazards such as sound, extreme heat or cold, chemicals, high voltage electricity, and heavy equipment for their systems.
  • Perform other job-related tasks as required.

Think you can handle it? You’ll also need to come equipped with experience like:

  • Operating and maintaining ultra-pure water systems.
  • Performing routine preventative and corrective maintenance procedures.

Must have or develop the ability to diagnose process issues and to perform maintenance to DIW system components such as:

  • Pre-Treatment Filtration (Multimedia or other)
  • Carbon Media
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Pre-RO Filtration
  • Vacuum or Membrane degasification
  • Ion Exchange
  • UV Sterilization
  • UV TOC Destruction
  • Final Filtration  

Maintaining and troubleshooting analytical equipment such as:

  • Dissolved Oxygen Monitors
  • TOC Monitors
  • Temperature, pH and Resistivity/Conductivity Monitors
  • Level, Pressure and Flow Transmitters

Maintaining and troubleshooting automation equipment such as:

  • Control Valves, actuators and position indicators
  • Pumps & Motors
  • VFD’s
  • Regulating Valves
  • Chemical Feed and Dosing equipment
  • Collect, review and develop reports on plant equipment and plant performance as needed for Operations, Engineering and Management reviews.
  • Be able to have basic knowledge of UPW sampling (coordination or collection) and understand basic understanding or DIW Specification requirements for differing customers.
  • Be able to utilize or learn to utilize maintenance (FMS) software for maintenance planning and maintenance tracking.
  • Be able to interact and communicate with sister facility organizations and FAB Tool & Process customers.
  • Be able to interact and communicate with company and contractor personnel regarding any major maintenance or project activity to prevent any mishaps or interruptions to a live factory.
  • Ability to perform equipment verification and acceptance for large maintenance or project activities. Develop start-up and shut-down procedures as need for such activities.
  • Have a basic understanding of DIW system design & configuration common and applicable to the semiconductor industry.
  • Understand and follow standard (SOP’s) or best practices to commission DIW equipment and piping following repairs, system modifications or new installations. This includes understanding, recommending and performing qualification testing.

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