Industrial Automation & Controls

Our Quality Control Systems (QCS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) service solutions are designed to ensure top quality production, extend the life of your equipment, and help maximize your productivity and profitability.  We are the largest third-party QCS service provider in the nation.  Historically, our solutions have helped reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance as well as heighten production and product quality.  In addition, we are a safety-focused service provider, and the safety of our employees and our customers is of supreme importance.  We look forward to customizing a program for you that will help to maximize the ROI of your automation investment.

Maintenance Services

Our services are extremely flexible and range from quarterly and semi-annual visits to full-time, onsite service professionals. The relationships we maintain with a variety of manufacturers have allowed us to build a large inventory of parts, including new, used, refurbished, and repaired parts. These parts are available at a fraction of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) price and allow us to minimize additional costs for our customers.

  • QCS support
  • DCS support
  • Multiple parts depots with supply chain support and asset tracking
  • Scheduled service visits
  • Dedicated or onsite professionals
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency maintenance
  • Performance and production reporting
  • Control optimization
  • Ongoing critical parts availability analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Radiological testing and associated services
  • Quarterly business reviews to review key performance indicators (KPI)

Consulting Services

Finding great people is a difficult task, but it’s what we do best. Our flexible model adapts to your consulting service needs whether it be contract, permanent placement, or contract-to-hire. By understanding what drives your decision-making process, following a disciplined process of identifying top-quality candidates, understanding your core objectives and position requirements, and exceeding your expectations, we’re able to achieve great results.

  • Computer technicians
  • Help desk analysts
  • E&I engineers
  • Service engineers
  • Procurement specialists
  • System administrators
  • Business analysts

Project Services

Continued investment in our support staff is the key to enhancing the effectiveness of process operations. Our commitment to performance optimization is evident in every aspect of our portfolio of services. We identify and recommend cost-effective evolution paths, including migration or maintenance options that efficiently address your needs.

  • Process analysis
  • System relocation
  • Upgrade consultation
  • System audits
  • Installations, moves, adds, and changes (IMAC)
  • Preventive maintenance and vacation relief
  • Fixed firm projects
  • Hourly time and materials