Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Recognizes TSP

For the 3rd consecutive year, we are proud to receive a supplier recognition award from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Dear TSP:

Our customers’ expectations of zero defects demands laser focus from our suppliers to enable Lockheed Martin Aeronautics be the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance combat, air mobility, and reconnaissance & surveillance aircraft.  Technology Service Professionals is one of those companies we depend on for products and services that meet our commitment to excellence.

In 2014, Technology Service Professionals has successfully demonstrated its commitment to excellence with “100% quality and on-time delivery” to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.  Your superior standard of performance and commitment to meet customer expectations is only made possible when all of us perform with excellence.

Lockheed Martin wishes to thank Technology Service Professionals and its employees for showing excellent workmanship and superior standard of performance to bringing the best quality and value to our Customer and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in 2014.


/s/ Tom Simmons
Vice President
Supply Chain Management

/s/ Alex Eksir
Vice President
Quality & Mission Success

Overwhelmed? Try These Five Time Management Tips

Are you always cutting deadlines close, rushing to appointments, and feeling behind on essential tasks? Time management could be the culprit, especially when technology makes it so easy to get off task. If you’re struggling to stay on top of the task list, these five time management tips could help you use time more wisely and get more done.

Create a jot list.
Life is busy, and it’s hard to keep everything straight. You might be hard at work on an important report, but then remember you need milk. It’s hard to stop thinking about it—milk, milk, milk. Instead of letting yourself get distracted and thinking about groceries all afternoon, keep a notepad by your keyboard to make it easy to quickly jot down important thoughts for later. (You could use a task list on the computer, but then you risk opening more windows of distraction.)

Organize tasks by priority.
The most productive people prioritize tasks by importance and start at the top. Whether you use a three-color traffic light system (red, yellow, green) or number priority on a scale of one to five, ranking tasks in order or importance will help you get urgent assignments done first.

Work from a realistic calendar.
Most of us underestimate how long something is really going to take. We all want to be superheroes and blast through tasks like lightning, but in reality, sometimes the days just go too fast and we end up with too little accomplished at the end. Rather than staring down a task deluge every day and hoping for the best, use a daily and weekly calendar to plan out the most important tasks by how long they will actually take. When you use a calendar to portion off time, you’re more likely to create reasonable task goals and actually stick with the plan.

Set aside time to plan.
Having a huge task list and diving right in may work for some people, but those people are rare. Setting realistic goals requires a little time and planning. Instead of telling yourself today will be different and then beating yourself up when things aren’t finished, set aside a few minutes every day to match your task list with available time in the calendar.

Plan for interruptions.
People aren’t machines, so smart taskmasters factor in time for interruptions. The secret to great time management isn’t avoiding interruptions entirely, but corralling them into manageable time limits. If people are constantly popping in for questions or calling off the hook and you need to focus on a project, consider creating set hours you’re available for calls and impromptu meetings. Post the schedule on your wall and set a voice message so people know when it’s best to swing by or expect a returned phone call. Coworkers and clients should be able to reach you if something is urgent, but limiting outside distraction will help you get more done when it matters.

#TSProckstars Strike Again – An Interview with Lisa Ragsdale

By:  Tiffany Thomas, HR Generalist

One of our TSP Rockstars strikes again! Last December, Lisa Ragsdale was honored as a finalist by the Dallas chapter Help Desk Institute (HDI). Lisa was one of six in the running for the title of Help Desk Analyst of the Year, and we could not be more proud of her and her work.

Held at the Irving Convention Center, the ceremony hosted Dallas’ top IT professionals and other dignitaries in the industry. Lisa received a certificate of recognition and a three month membership to the HDI.

The HDI became the first membership association and certification body created for the technical service and support industry in 1989. The organization specializes in professional development, and success through the delivery of excellent customer service.

Lisa definitely strives to provide the best service to her customers, and has often been recognized for it by TSP as well. After starting at TSP in September 2013, she quickly became a frontrunner of her team.

A customer recently said this about Lisa, “Lisa Ragsdale was very helpful during the setup of my new phone.  She was easily reachable over the phone when I had a question, was very knowledgeable of the problem, provided the correct solution, and was very patient as I worked through the steps to solve the problem and get my phone working.  It was a pleasure to work with Lisa.”

Lisa said that customer satisfaction is her top motivation at work.

“I get a feeling of satisfaction after resolving a customer’s problem, and having a relationship with the customer,” she said. “I am there to serve and understand the customers’ frustrations. It’s my job to present organized thoughts and solutions.”

Lisa said she feels honored by the recognition and has her sights set on growing more in her career. She recently received an associate’s degree and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Lisa hopes to one day become a team lead and “encourage other help desk analysts.”

We are happy to have her at TSP and wish her great success in everything she does.